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Growing through digital and print

Elsoms Seeds are the UK’s leading independent seed specialists. As a family run business with 175 years of history, we certainly have a lot in common with them. Our work started with a website and has developed into a partnership that now spans the full spectrum of their marketing communications.

Elsoms recognised a need to invest in their digital presence in order to effectively showcase their services, company values and reinforce their industry position as innovators and leaders, we were therefore delighted to be commissioned to design, build and develop their website ready to launch at their annual open day.

Discovering the stories behind the business

A key part of all projects is the discovery phase, with the Elsoms website we ran a structured workshop with a wide variety of their team members from across their business units. By going through our tried and tested process we were able to understand their business and industry, develop their key client personas and start to build a picture of the user journey.

All this was vital in ensuring we developed the right solution, from the development of the site map through to creating engaging call to actions, we used all the knowledge accrued to design a website that would work for Elsoms and their target market.

Quality service, quality marketing

Due to their particular audience, offline marketing rightly plays a major role in the communications strategy of Elsoms, with a number of brochures, leaflets, event materials and advertising campaigns being regularly created to ensure continuous customer engagement. It is vital for us to make sure that design right through to production meets their high standards and adheres to the brand that they have built up over the years whilst also staying relevant and evolving to meet an ever changing market.

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