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A brand to save lives

Our work with LIVES is focused on increasing awareness and changing perceptions. A new brand identity was key to positioning the emergency services charity to achieve their strategic objectives.

We worked with them to create a ‘brand new’ LIVES, one that truly represented who they are and the impact they have. The project incorporated the launch of a new website, campaign style and fundraising mascot – a hugely influential tool in engagement, especially across their work with schools and young people.

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More than a visual

It was not just about creating a visual identity, we wanted to create compelling and flexible messaging. ‘Minutes Matter’ generated a sense of urgency in the reader whilst being vital to what LIVES do day to day as emergency first responders.

Their new identity has been well received, seeing increased donations, volunteers and visits to their website, whilst also instilling an enhanced feeling of pride and togetherness across their team.

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“The re-branding launch went really well so a huge thank you to the team over there. We’re pretty exhausted this end but the feedback so far has been great. Best wishes and thanks again for all your help! ”
Amy Rose
Head of Fundraising & Engagement
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