Brand Solutions

From the development of new brands to the creation of marketing materials, our team of designers, illustrators and strategists ensure our clients get exceptional results.

Ruddocks brand solutions

Brand Creation

Your brand is the voice of your organisation, it tells the story of who you are to the rest of the world. We start at the very beginning of that story, taking the time to listen and understand our clients. We look at their history, their people, their principles, their marketplace, and most importantly what it is that makes them unique and how they add value to the lives of their customers. 

Our expertise means we create and deliver powerful, focused, authentic brands that work across all channels to deliver successful results, for which we have won numerous international and national awards.

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Brand Management

Consistency is one of the most essential elements of a successful brand. Customers learn to trust in brands that stay true, and through our extensive experience in brand management we help our clients communicate their brands within set guidelines to develop strong positioning and loyalty. 

However, we understand that brands are living, breathing entities and our specialist team works with our clients to constantly push the boundaries and evolve their brands to ensure they remain relevant and continue to drive the organisation forward. 

Ruddocks Brand Management

Bespoke Design

Whether it’s identity design for a brand, concepts for product packaging, vehicle livery, signage, or a 3D-rendered concept for an office reception space; we rise to the challenge of any design brief to produce exceptional results.

With a particular specialism in design for print; from traditional direct mail pieces, catalogues and brochures/annual reports, to premium exhibition materials and bespoke marketing communications; we help our clients stand out when they need something unique & memorable that supports and enhances their brand.

We also have the means to print nearly anything in-house and can lead the entire process from concept to delivery.

Bespoke Design Ruddocks


Successful design requires depth and substance; creativity fuelled by strategy. Our consultancy team have decades of experience in getting to the heart of what really matters to our clients and what they stand for. Our culture fosters internal collaboration as well as allowing time to think and plan so that the tactical solutions are insightful and robust yet adaptable. 

We work through discovery sessions with our clients and conduct workshops, we look at the current effectiveness and strength of their brands and marketing, and by assessing customer journey strategy we can offer tailored, innovative solutions to build and develop their business.

Consultancy Ruddocks

Campaign Management

True engagement happens through an emotional connection to a brand so the imagery, messages, and channels, together with the drivers to action of any campaign need to resonate with the target audience wholly, only then will the message cut through the noise of the rest of the marketplace.

Experienced in managing campaigns from the initial concept and creative through to production and fulfilment, our specialist expertise helps us make sure our clients speak to the right audience through the right channels, in the right way and at the right time to achieve their commercial objectives. Research and understanding exactly how to determine the desired outcomes have helped us deliver many successful campaigns across all sectors. 

Ruddocks Campaign Management


Adverts are often created to work within a marketing campaign, to support and enhance the desired journey of a customer. We create compelling, well-thought-out adverts to work in harmony with our clients’ campaigns across digital, printed and large display platforms. 

Whether it is part of a set of response-driven adverts for a national organisation with very specific targets, or a single advert to support other activities of a local organisation aiming to push brand awareness, our team work together, sharing ideas and creative input to produce impactful adverts which drive engagement.

Ruddocks Advertising


Specialist design skills are often required to answer a brief; from the illustrative characters which bring children’s books to life or encourage likeability to a brand, to schematics and technical drawings for engineering product catalogues and training materials, through to 3D rendering animation for interior design. 

Our in-house illustrators and technical designers bring together imagination, art & the digital world to deliver individual creatives that enrich the visual language of a brand.

Ruddocks Illustrations

Photography & Video

Understanding the importance of composition and style, we offer creative direction and consultancy for brand and project photography, for both digital and printed platforms, and work with individual photographers and videographers with specialisms across a range of genres to ensure the outcome expresses the identity and authenticity of our client’s brand.

Our services also include drone photography and videography. Drones provide a unique perspective by capturing stunning aerial shots and dynamic footage that was previously impossible to achieve. With the ability to fly high above landscapes, buildings, and events, drone photography and videography offer a new level of creativity and storytelling, recommended especially for capturing breathtaking scenery as well as documenting events and sports. 

Photography & videography drones


As a creative production agency, we see animation as a powerful tool for bringing our clients' stories and ideas to life. Whether it's a logo animation, explainer video, or product demo, animation allows us to convey complex concepts in a way that is visually engaging and easy to understand. 

With advances in technology, we are able to create increasingly sophisticated animations that incorporate 3D modelling, special effects, and interactive elements. By leveraging the unique strengths of animation, we are able to create memorable and impactful visual experiences that resonate with audiences and help our clients achieve their goals.



Our team of skilled writers specialise in crafting compelling copy for businesses and individuals alike. From website content to social media posts and marketing materials, we're dedicated to delivering content that engages and inspires your audience. 

We tailor our writing to your specific needs and goals. With our copywriting service, you can trust that your brand will stand out in a crowded market and capture the attention of your target audience. Let us help you take your content to the next level!