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Creating a thoroughbred brand position

Having worked with leading equine welfare charity, Bransby Horses on several successful projects, we were thrilled when we were selected to deliver a major overhaul of their brand.

The key challenges:

The leadership team at Bransby Horses had identified that, in order to thrive, they needed to redefine their brand positioning and develop a more confident and accessible identity, designed to reach further, resonating deeply with new audiences, whilst retaining the loyalty of long-standing, heartland supporters.

Bransby Horses case study

The results, at a glance

  • Brand re-positioned to appeal to a wider audience by reasserting relevance.
  • Introduction of a braver brand mark that retains existing brand equity and maintains familiarity of the original, whilst future-proofing and boosting clarity of communication across all touch points.
  • Successful rollout of new brand positioning across all printed and digital assets.
  • Full brand re-fresh delivered across all fundraising and stakeholder communications, accompanied by comprehensive brand guidelines to maintain the future integrity of the brand.
Bransby Horses case study
Bransby Horses case study
Bransby Horses case study
Bransby Horses case study

Our approach: Harnessing insight, informing design

At Ruddocks, we believe the success of any brand rests on its ability to articulate the values of the organisation it’s designed to reflect. In order to better understand Bransby Horses, their team and their aspirations, we ran a detailed discovery session with stakeholders across all areas of the charity. The session allowed us to take a deep dive into their values, purpose, and objectives. The insights gleaned formed the foundation of our creative direction, ensuring that our design strategy was perfectly aligned with the charity’s strategy for the future.

Engaging audiences, protecting Bransby Horses' future

The new, emotive visual language created drives consistency and impact. It sits confidently across all collateral, enhancing brand awareness and building an emotive connection to the brand wherever it’s seen. This includes Bransby Horses' vital fundraising communications, which put the charity’s beautiful beneficiaries front and centre. This, combined with simple messaging and our clear and instantly recognisable brand device make them altogether more appealing.

Bransby Horses case study
Bransby Horses case study

One voice, endless audience engagements

One of our key deliverables for the Bransby Horses rebrand was to ensure that the new mark and associated assets were effortlessly adaptable. That meant delivering a visual tone and graphical style which could travel across a variety of pieces, each with a diverse range of objectives.

“We are absolutely delighted with the results so far. Implementing the updated brand has addressed many of our challenges and already delivered on a number of our objectives.”
Sally Crawford
Executive Director of Engagement and Income Generation
Bransby Horses case study

From seriously informative to joyfully engaging

Everything we’ve designed for Bransby Horses is anchored by the overarching brand we created, and the ethos it represents. From their Annual Review to the ‘Active Bransby Challenge’ initiative campaign graphics, every piece stays true, even when the purpose or weight of the message differs. We even had the pleasure of helping them produce a series of bespoke inspiring children’s books, written by Bransby Horses and beautifully brought to life with characterful illustrations by our very own resident illustrators.

It's a partnership we cherish, and we look forward to continuing to help Bransby Horses gallop towards a sustainable, supported, and secure future.

Bransby Horses case study
Bransby Horses case study

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