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Relevance and consistency for a vital service

The NHS is a complex and continually changing organisation and our work with them is wholly reflective of that. Working with various bodies, groups and boards under the NHS umbrella we help them meet their aims and objectives of better healthcare provision through the design, production and distribution of their public awareness campaign marketing and support of their formal accountability and reporting requirements.

Working at a national, regional and local level with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), and Commissioning Support Units (CSU) across London and the south east of England we develop the NHS brand to create targeted communications.

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Localising a national brand

Our relationship, and how we work with the NHS has developed dramatically following Government directives to devolve decision making and procurement of services in 2013, effectively driving tailored healthcare for local populations. 

Many of the projects we are involved with are about localising the promotional materials within national NHS campaigns; from GP Access and Pharmacy First, to Stay Well This Winter, and Be Clear on Cancer. To achieve local engagement, the focus must address specific patient needs in those areas, and promote a call to action relevant to that group, so who should they contact, where, when and how?

Delivering engaging reports

To ensure delivery of better healthcare CCGs must report on their performance to the Department of Health, NHS England, healthcare providers and to the populations they serve; and for Foundation Trusts, to Parliament. We work with corporate teams within these organisations to create Annual Reports and Executive Summaries, ensuring clarity and consistency of messaging and brand.

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