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Helping the Butterfly Conservation sustainability ambitions to take flight

When the team at Butterfly Conservation reached out for help with its marketing strategy and
wanted to keep sustainability in mind, we were only too happy to help. Butterfly Conservation is a UK-based charity dedicated to saving butterflies and moths and protecting nature. Founded in 1968, it focuses on protecting these tiny creatures through its various ongoing campaigns, its nature reserves, and by gathering key data about the local population.


What did the Butterfly Conservation need?

For the Butterfly Conservation to continue its outstanding work and improve its eco-practices, it needed a new sustainable marketing solution that would reduce waste, minimise its carbon footprint and streamline its processes. 

While its marketing strategy was on track, its stock management system was complicated, time-consuming and needed to be tweaked to help optimise its sustainability.

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How our online solution has helped

For the team of staff and volunteers at Butterfly Conservation to streamline its processes while improving its sustainability, we at Ruddocks had one clear solution in mind: creating an innovative brand and communications portal.

After careful planning and collaboration, we launched the portal, which includes features such as individual stock items with images, quantity options, unit prices, and approval and financial management systems.

Now, Butterfly Conservation has a modern, efficient stock fulfilment system that aligns with its environmental goals while helping simplify the ordering process. It also allowed the flexibility needed for occasional individual mailings so members’ needs could be met promptly.

The portal hosts over 40 branded merchandise and printed items and enables multiple orders of varying sizes across the organisation.

“Ruddocks has exceeded our expectations with this platform. It is critical to what we do, saving time and money as well as helping us to keep our environmental impact to a minimum.”
Ryan Davies
Digital Manager
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Our collaboration with the Butterfly Conservation demonstrates how sustainability can drive innovation and efficiency. It’s not only about streamlining processes, however; it’s also having a positive impact on the environment.

Using modern technology and practices, organisations can achieve their business goals while reducing their environmental footprint, thus creating a brighter and more sustainable future for us all.

At Ruddocks, we remain committed to helping businesses, organisations and charities continue their excellent work, optimise their internal processes, minimise their environmental footprint, and ease the burden on staff and volunteers.


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