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Henry Ruddock

Henry Ruddock

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We are driven by relationships; they are part of the 130 year old foundations on which we are built. We are proud of our reputation for customer service and our core values underpin our client ethos, which includes delivering on our promises, taking responsibility, and building long-lasting relationships. 

We wanted to understand how our clients perceive their relationship with us; what we do well and whether there are any improvements we need to make in order to serve them better – to exceed their expectations. With this in mind, we recently conducted a client survey, sent to all of our clients, particularly focussing on areas such as: satisfaction of service, quality of work, our staff, understanding our clients, the solutions we offer, and client loyalty.

The survey revealed a genuine depth to the relationships we have with our clients, and it is evident that our ethos is firmly embodied in how we do business, with 98% ranking our service as very good and above.

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We work with our clients to get to the heart of their objectives and deliver the best results, consequently they value their relationships with us and firmly believe that we understand their needs and the markets in which they operate well.

The most powerful advocates any business can have are their customers. The satisfaction of our clients determines our success, and we have some very strong advocates of Ruddocks, as revealed by our Net Promoter Score of +82. This is a real time measurement of client loyalty, calculating those clients who would recommend us to friends or colleagues. Our score puts us firmly in the ‘world class’ category, almost unheard of for a company of our size and industry type! You can read more about Net Promoter Scores and what they mean here

Ruddocks Net Promoter Score infographic

The outstanding feedback we have received is testament to the hard work of the whole Ruddocks team and is a reflection of the pride each and every member of staff takes in every job they do. Over 30% of our staff are in dedicated to client support roles but all employees take on the responsibility of customer service; everyone has a role to play, from our client account managers through to our delivery drivers.

The quality of our customer service is reflected by our current client retention rate of 87.5%, with 43% of our clients having been with us for over 5 years. Our clients have told us the reasons they value working with us, which is powerful insight to have. This information has been fed into our continuous improvement strategy and gives us a benchmark against which measure future client feedback. 

We never rest on our laurels, we are always looking at ways to improve what we do. Only by continuing to invest in looking after our clients will we continue to be successful.
Henry Ruddock
Chairman, Ruddocks