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Tristan Palser

Tristan Palser

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The irony of an online blog post about direct mail is not lost on us; the point is that there is merit in both digital and printed marketing and a great deal more when both are used as part of an integrated campaign. However, direct mail does offer stand-alone benefits in both the B2B and B2C sectors which make it a powerful marketing tool in its own right.

By its very nature marketing literature sent through the post reaches the recipient directly and with email inboxes becoming increasingly full, offers a great opportunity to stand out. As consumers, we are exposed to thousands of digital adverts and messages every day and in order to cope with the sheer volume, we subconsciously screen what we see, so actually, only 2%* of adverts have any meaningful impact on us. A message delivered over multiple platforms is far more likely to be remembered, one reinforcing the other, leading to trust and credibility which dramatically improves response rates.

We’re all individuals

Personalisation makes direct mail work harder. 48%* of people say that they open an item of post if it is personally addressed to them, but it’s more than just knowing someone’s name, it’s also about tailoring content based on what we know about specific groups within our target audience and delivering a unique message which resonates and addresses needs on an individual level. A campaign created using variable data, i.e. materials with the same overall design but with tailored imagery and content relating to specific user groups, offers increased return on investment (a minimum of 300% in some cases!*) in 2 ways: production is completed as one print run creating cost efficiencies, and addressing the individual needs of your audience means they are far more likely to engage with you, and ultimately purchase from you.

Campaign for National Parks printed magazine and direct mail letter

Feel the difference

Physical contact between brands and consumers is important. Direct mail allows you to engage with your audience on an additional sensory level. Being able to ‘touch’ your message allows your potential clients to interact in a way they cannot do online alone, making it far more likely your message will be remembered.

We work with many of our clients to advise on specialist paper stocks/substrates and special finishes such as laminates, spot UV, embossing or foiling. These elements all work together to help elevate brands through a printed mail piece which by association can uplift a whole campaign, delivered by various other mediums.

Sustaining the impact of mail

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the impact we have on the environment, and as an ISO 14001 and FSC certified organisation, we proactively consult on sustainable ways for our clients to achieve their marketing objectives. Naked mailings, where no plastic outer is used, allow a mail piece to create an immediate impact upon receipt and, together with FSC certified and recycled stocks, reduce carbon footprint.

Making life easy

Whilst a direct mail campaign does incur expenses, largely due to postage costs, we ensure that our clients benefit from the most cost-effective way of getting their message on the doorsteps/desks of their recipients by selecting the most appropriate delivery service, exactly in line with when the mailing needs to land.  

In most cases, we can offer our clients postal cost savings of up to 50% and for many of the charities we work with these savings can be even greater.
Tristan Palser
Sales Director, Ruddocks

When you combine these savings with the potential ROI it becomes clear why direct mail is an excellent medium to use to deliver your brand message.

Whether it’s a one-off piece or part of a larger campaign such as large-scale membership mailings, we specialise in complete concept-to-fulfilment solutions, incorporating GDPR compliant data management, offering significant time and cost savings, which help our clients deliver on their communication objectives and meet ROI targets.

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*Source: Data & Marketing Association