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Tristan Palser

Tristan Palser

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Christmas is a great time to promote your brand through personalised, tailored marketing materials and communications.

Create an impact that lasts all year with bespoke calendars and wall planners and increase engagement through personalised Christmas cards, specially designed gift boxes and festive giveaways for clients or employees.

Personalised cards

personalised Christmas cards

Bespoke Christmas cards are a great alternative to generic ones and add a personal, warm touch. We can help you create personalised cards that include your company’s branding and message, and we can also take care of the mailing for you too!

If you have thought about sending personalised cards, why not look at special finishes such as foiling recipients' names to help your brand really stand out and make your recipient feel even more important, plus it’s very cost-effective. It’s also really simple to make your cards eco-friendly by using recycled or FSC paper!

Alternatively, instead of printed cards, if you prefer online communications, we can create personalised digital Christmas cards, where you can alter the message and any imagery used to tailor your Christmas message to different people within your organisation or for different demographics within your target audience.

Calendars and wall planners

Bespoke calendars for 2023

Many of us use apps and email/diary software to manage our time which has reduced the relevance of physical printed calendars for some of the market. However, for the right audience, they are still very useful promotional items, you just need to consider your business and your market. For some industries and demographic groups, such as manufacturing, charities and membership organisations, and non-tech demographics, they are great marketing products which can be used as giveaways to promote an organisation’s brand, to support membership recruitment and retention, and as retail products to generate income.

And did you know that we can produce calendars sustainably by stitching or using BioCoil; a completely plastic-free biodegradable wire?

Bespoke wall planners

Festive gifts

We all know Christmas is a time for gifting. Sending gifts to your clients and employees is a great opportunity to show your appreciation and provides a platform to further promote your brand. It can help to strengthen relationships and encourage repeat business, as well as increase internal engagement.

Gifts can be as individual as you want them to be and can be made to suit all budgets. From branded festive collars on drinks bottles, wrapped chocolates and treats, to tailored gift boxes and personalised luxury branded hampers; we can help create exactly the right gift to make exactly the right impression on the people who matter the most to your business.

An alternative idea, and something we are doing this year at Ruddocks, is gifting a donation to charity on behalf of your clients. Not only can this help to support any business objectives around sustainability, but it also delivers something really positive to those in need, often when the need is greatest.

Bespoke gift boxes and hampers

Promotional merchandise

If you are sending gift boxes or hampers you may wish to include some branded promotional items in your selection of contents; pens and personalised notebooks, coasters, customised water bottles and coffee mugs, and even branded socks (everyone loves to get socks at Christmas!) are great fillers. You can also include locally sourced sustainable food and drinks items and, of course, any marketing literature that might be relevant to your clients or employees, or campaigns you are running.

There are a lot of promotional items available, in addition to those mentioned above; sustainable products, office supplies, bags, clothing, the list goes on, and on! We work with you to create and source products best suited to carry your brand in line with your campaign and overall objectives.

We can also help you add that extra special touch to your festive marketing campaigns with Christmas merchandise, including bespoke decorations and packaging, like custom wrapping paper, advent calendars, baubles, and other Christmas-themed gift items and giveaways.

Customisable wrap paper

Get in touch to find out how we could help you make a lasting impression with your festive marketing this year!