Getting animated about our waterways!

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Verity Stephenson Key Account Manager at Ruddocks

Verity Stephenson

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The use of animation has seen rapid growth in recent years with organisations utilising video more and more to tell their story and bring their marketing campaigns to life and maximise engagement.

Having worked with Ruddocks for a number of years, British Canoeing (partnering with Angling Trust and DEFRA/APHA) came to us with the challenge of creating a series of animations to educate their members about several kinds of non-native invasive species found in Britain’s lakes, rivers and streams – as well as the ways in which people can prevent the dangerous spread they could unintentionally enable whilst in the water.

We reached out to our friends at video production company Wallbreaker, who we’ve worked with on a number of projects, to help us fulfil this brief and once again they’ve done an incredible job, creating 10 animation videos to use across various media platforms as part of the campaign targeting paddlers across the UK.

Animated image of non-native invasive species

Animation allows you to entertain and be playful; Wallbreaker used this to portray the invasive species as the villains posing a threat to the hero – our clean waterways, whilst keeping in mind the need to be visually accurate so people can easily identify the species when they are out on the water.

Why not take a look at the animations here Whilst they are directed at those involved in watersports and regular users of UK waterways, they are an interesting watch for anyone interested in the environment and/or protection of our ecosystems.

This collaborative venture is just one of the exciting projects we’ve been involved in during our time working with British Canoeing. Over the last 6 years we have worked on a range of different digital and printed marketing pieces, most recently, the new edition of their “Canoe Focus” members’ magazine as well as the design and print of all of the event collateral for the British Canoeing Recognition Evening.

Awards event for British Canoeing

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